Your Committee 2022


Shane Ford

Has been part of the JJJFC community since 2012 with his son starting in pups and now playing in the 11/12 competition.
Has been an active member of the JJJFC community taking up numerous volunteer roles from 2012. These include: first aider, runner, assistant coach and First Aid Coordinator (Committee member) since 2019.

Chris Hammond


Rikki Jacob

Has been a valued member of the JJJFC community for the past six years. In this time Rikki has volunteered as the Auskick Coordinator (two years) and has been an active part of the coaching group for the past four years. He has recently volunteered his time again to take up the role of Junior Vice President.

Teagan Hammond



Brooke Wards

Brooke has volunteered her time for the second year in a row as the Clubs treasurer.  Brooke has four boys who are in Y9, Y8, Y4 and Auskick! Brooke has been an active member of the club since the boys started in Auskick and over this time has helped out volunteering as Team Manager, runner and first aider and is thankful to be part of such a great community club.

Dave Morgan

Has been a member of the Jets for the last 12 years and has had varying roles in the club. Firstly as an Auskick coach and junior coach for his son who is in y12 in 2022. He also assisted with his daughter’s Auskick who is going into Y10. He was the grounds keeper in 2016, the inaugural Y7/8 girls coach in 2017, the Junior Vice President and Girl’s Coordinator in 2017, Senior Vice President in 2018, President in 2019, and  Girl’s Coordinator in 2020. David is also a Life Member of the club.

Dana Davies


Cameron Dawe

Kate Schick

Kim Hansen


Pieta Esplin
Kirra Pethick
Bridgitte Morris

Jackie Sutherland
Tabatha Bond

Lars Kamphuis


Trish Alatini


Darryl Munro

Stella McQuade

Sara Burns

Shane Ebsary

Warren Littlefair
Jurgen Hanson
Craig Forsyth
Clayton Barnes