Presidents Message


December 12th, 2022

Dear Members,

The 2021 session was a successful year for the Jandakot Jets Junior Football Club (JJJFC) with five grand finals played and  three won by the club. The pandemic, that has turned most of the country upside down, did not impact the club in the way that we first thought it may of at the commencement of the season. We hope that as we move into the 2022 session that this remains the case.

With the AGM now behind us we have moved very fast to try and prepare for the upcoming session with several new projects being worked on by the committee. This includes the rewrite of the constitution, a sponsorship program, new merchandising through POS, club strategies, financial planning and a new website. Other projects are in the early stages of discussion and planning, but it is too early to mention them.  

I would like to thank all the volunteers that have put their hands up to be part of the committee or be part of one of the working groups. It takes many volunteers to manage and run a club this size and the more we have the easier it is for all involved. It is great to see so many new faces on the committee along with some old faces that will ensure the foundations are there to support the new members coming onboard. We still have three positions on the committee that we would like to fill as we move into the 2022 session. If you are interested, please check out the position descriptions in the committee section of the website or just approach us.

The focus of the committee, apart from managing the club, shall be to ensure we are transparent in all that we do and communicate more openly with members in 2022. We want to be approachable and we want to ensure that we build a one club culture. We would also like to encourage more volunteers to help at the club through inclusion.

We are looking forward to the 2022 session and believe that it will be another good year for the club. As we move forward, I will be encouraging more two-way open communication between the committee and our members.

If you have any questions, please feel free to attend the monthly committee meetings or, if unable to attend, drop an email to a member of the committee or on the general email and we will address your question and provide feedback. Please bear in mind that all that are on the committee have full time employment and although we may not get back to you straight away, we will get in contact.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and ask that you all please keep safe and take care over the festive session.

Go Jets (One club)

Kind Regards.

Shane Ford

News & Updates

From Air Traffic Control

Proposed Changerooms

December, 2021

A joint project, with both the Senior and Junior Football Club, for the placement of two additional changerooms has been priced and discussed. This proposal is currently being considered with placement of the changerooms on the eastern oval. The plans for the changerooms are attached below. A vote and opportunity to comment will be open for one week commencing on the 13th December. The voting will be undertaken on the JJJFC Facebook page and we recommend that all members take the opportunity to review the plans (link below), comment if required ( and cast a vote via the JJJFC Facebook Page.

Sponsorship Program

December, 2021

JJJFC will be seeking sponsorship for the 2022 session in the hope that we can partner with local businesses that are keen to become a sponsor of the club. If you or your business would like to look at sponsorship for 2022 please contact the club (details in the link). If you feel that the business you work for may be interested please feel free to pass the information onto them.

Point of Sale (POS)

December, 2021

A new way of ordering uniforms is coming for the 2022 session. Not only will you be able to drop in and try on club uniforms and merchandise but you will now be able to order online and pickup.
More details to follow closer to the 2022 session.

Details TBC