Presidents Message


March 24th, 2022

As we are fast approaching the 2022 season, we are starting to get busier behind the scenes and I thought this was a good opportunity to provide another update to our members and supporters.

The grounds at Atwell reserve are slowly rejuvenating after a scorching summer, Sting Nematode in the grass and a lack of water. Both the Senior and Junior Clubs have been working with the Council to try and ensure that it is in a suitable condition for the upcoming season. The cricket pitches are now gone and replaced with turf, but care will be needed over the next couple of weeks to ensure it grows and is ready for the season.

We have had to submit our nominated teams (only how many teams not actual team selections) to the WAFC so that they can prepare the fixtures. This has been a difficult task with number returning bordering on two team under the WAFC guidelines. This has proven problematic as we still have members that have played for the club since

Auskick that have not registered as yet. The missing number are not due to them registering with other clubs they have just not returned. With this in mind we also need to consider COVID and how many we have on the bench. The last thing clubs want, or need is for 14 players to be sitting on the bench.

We have decided to do some gradings this year with several teams merging. This will hopefully provide us an opportunity to have some solid, competitive teams in the right grade as we start the season. Team selection does not necessarily mean that is the team the kids will play in, and we will take on board individual requests for movement. The process will be done independently and will involve the coaches.   

Auskick registrations have been strong with 113 plus and growing. Auskick Coordinator, Dana Davies and Mercy Thompson, will certainly have their hands full this season and will be seeking the support of parents and senior players to lend a hand. It is after all a community club and many hands make light work of the many tasks required to build a successful season.

We have managed to fill one of the most important positions on the committee (Fundraising) with the return of Stella McQuade. This is a big role, and we really need some parents to step up from both the Junior and Youth teams to lend a hand. We are after at least two members from both the Junior and Youth teams to assist as part of this group to bring some ideas to life and ensure our kids have those little rewards at the end of each game. Without the help, the Club cannot guarantee this will happen this year.

We are expecting to have a great season this year with some new sponsors onboard and the different ideas that will only be noticed once the season starts. We look forward to the season and want to reiterate that we are approachable as a committee and will be there to answer the many questions around the season and what that will look like.

Please remember that we are all volunteers in these roles and are doing what we can to make the club family friendly. We are actively seeking more volunteers, as many hands make light work, and encourage those that want to make a difference to jump onboard in 2022.

Go Jets (One club)

Kind Regards.

Shane Ford

News & Updates

From Air Traffic Control

Oval 2 Changerooms

May, 2022

This project has been given the go ahead after a member vote (FB) and Committee approval. To view proposed plans (Click Here). This will be done in partnership with the Senior Club and Council.

Sponsorship Program

May, 2022

The sponsorship drive has been very successful for 2022. The initial goal set in the JJJFC Strategic Plan for the first year was two. The sponsorship Coordinator (Darryl Munro) has now brought 14 sponsors to the club which has enabled us to give back to our members. 

Sponsors are a very important part of our club and the future of the club and we ask that our members support these businesses as much as possible. Please checkout our sponsorship page. If you are a business owner or you think you may know an organization that may like to sponsor us, please click on the link below.  


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