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JJJFC Youth Football Year 7 - 12

Boys  competitions

Year 7 

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Under 18's (Y11/12)


As our players enter the youth competition, it is recognised that each age group has a number of divisions that are able to be played in. With a focus on participation, JJJFC aims to maximise the number of opportunities for as many players as possible to play competitive football.


Whilst denying registrations and turning players away is avoided where possible, the Club acknowledges there are complexities with each year group that must be considered on a case-by-case basis when deciding to merge or split teams. Where it is decided that it is best for the Club to merge teams, it shall be done with due regard to this policy and in line with the WAFC POL 10A.


While we understand certain kids will always want to play with mates, we are bound by the competition to alter teams if required to ensure all teams are competitive.


About Jandakot Jets Junior Football Club

Year 7 - 8
Year 9 - 10
Year 11 - 12

Girls are only able to play in the female competitions from Y8 onwards. This is a league rule across the board.
Further info regarding Girls Football can be sort through the club ("Get in Touch" tab).

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