COVID-19 Update

  • All community football (junior and senior) postponed for now until at least 31st May 

  • Pre-Season Training Cancelled until further notice - all Ages 

  • Season Open Day Friday 3rd April - cancelled

Our club follows the advice and guidelines of the WA Football Commission who are working in conjunction with the AFL, and senior government agencies tasked with managing the situation. While we will attempt to keep members adequately informed, we request patience and understanding from members as the advice received can change quickly, and the committee are all volunteers acting in the best interests of the club, its members and the wider community.

What we are able to tell you is that if the season is cancelled completely, there is no need for concern, as the club is well positioned to provide refunds to members who have already paid their fees. There may be a loss of 3% due to the merchant fees we have already been charged. In the event of this happening, we will communicate clearly with those affected.


The committee are preparing for the season to go ahead and have already commenced addressing cleanliness and hygeine issues so that we are well prepared and stocked to meet our responsibilites. Training Equipment, Uniform Merchandise, and other supplies have also been ordered, and we have coaches ready based on the number of registrations we currently have. Given the current situation, we will not be communicating teams as originally planned by April 1, and this will now be done once we have confirmation of the commencement date. If the season commences as per the current plan after 31st May, registered members who have not paid their fees would have 3 weeks to do so.

If the season is shortened and not cancelled, the club will refund a portion of game day fees in line with the number of games reduced. We point out that this option is not as straight forward, and given the circumstances, we can not provide a figure right now as we simply dont know how many games may be cancelled, how much we will still be required to pay the WA Football Commission, how much we will be required to pay council, and how many of our other normal expenses may be waived or reduced. We commit to members that if this were to occurr we would communicate as soon as we had the information required to make such decisions - this is the best we can do in this situation.

Click on the WA Football Commission logo at the top of the page which will take

you to their page and illustrate the uniform approach in relation to all AFL competitions across Western Australia.




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