Junior Football

Year 3 - 7

Boys and Girls

Junior Competitions

Year 3  (Pups) 

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Each age group has a number of divisions, and although there is no scoring in Y3 - Y5, the league start looking at the teams in Year 6 & 7 to ensure all teams will be competitive once they start competing in Year 8.

Therefore from Y6 onwards the club will ensure teams are as evenly balanced as is practically possible.

By doing this in Year 6, we ensure everyone is aware it is normal, as it may happen on a yearly basis depending on registration increases and decreases, as well as previous years results. 

While there are dedicated Girls Competitions at these age groups, there is a league wide ruling that Girls are still able to play in the Junior Competitions up to Year 7 if they wish or choose to.

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